In order to transport freight across state lines FOR HIRE you will need to obtain your Motor Carrier Interstate operating authority (MC #).

Unlike the USDOT Number, the MC # requires a $300 non-refundable fee to the FMCSA.

You will need to display both your USDOT number, and MC Number on the side of your vehicle when operating.

Once you’ve obtained your MC#, there are several steps to activate it before you can operate.

  1. Submit a verification of Commercial Insurance - this is something your insurance provider will do
  2. Register with a BOC-3 Process Agent

BOC-3 Agents are also referred to as Process Agents.

You are required to file a form BOC-3 with the FMCSA to activate your MC number.

The BOC-3 form is a list of agents who will receive any legal or official papers on your behalf and will then forward them to you.

If you are an Interstate Motor Carrier, you must have a designated agent in each state.

DOT Compliance Company will file your BOC-3 process agents form, and register you in all 50 states. Contact a compliance representative to learn more

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