What is a Driver Qualification File?

  • Under (49 CFR Part 391) all companies with a DOT number must have a certified background file for all interstate drivers, and even most Intrastate (depending on your state)
  • This must be kept on hand at the main office (physically or digitally) to be presented at your safety audit.
  • The Driver Qualification File only needs to be completed one time, when you initially hire a new driver. This must be done for every individual operating under your USDOT number.

What goes into the Driver Qualification File?

  • The Driver Qualification File consists of a DOT compliant investigation into the Driver’s driving and employment history, a road test to be administered by the employer, and a copy of the driver’s DOT medical card.

What does the road test entail?

  • The road test is a 12 part basic skills examination, where the employer determines whether or not their driver is capable of performing the basics with a commercial vehicle.
  • All drivers must take a road test, administered by the employer. When you are sent out your DQF packet, the forms and instructions for this are included.
  • If you are an Owner/Operator, you must have someone else with a valid driver’s license administer the test. This can be anyone, even someone not affiliated with your business, as long as they have a valid license.

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